3 July 2023


The first edition of the TOWORKFOR ALL project has come to a successful end with a significant positive impact. Throughout the various phases of the project, we had the opportunity to witness and be involved in truly promising initiatives. The enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved were truly inspiring. 

From the very beginning, we made it clear that our collective commitment was to promote equality, inclusion, and social well-being. Various project ideas were presented to us, representing diverse causes. Through a democratic vote among AMF SAFETY SHOES employees, the following causes were selected: 
  • Children at Risk - Acreditar Association 
  • People with Disabilities - APCG 
  • Homeless - LNCF 
  • Gender Equality - Cordão 
  • Elderly - Mais Polvoreira 
  • Fight Against Racism - ALCC 
  • Animal Defense - LPDA 
  • Refugees – Amnistia Internacional  
  • Sustainability - Laboratório da Paisagem
  • Other Cause - AAPC 

During the external voting phase, we were thrilled with the level of engagement. The involvement of over 1300 members from our social media community was crucial in the final voting process to determine the grand winner.   

In this first edition, we congratulate the AAPC association for being elected as the deserving recipient of our support. Their project, called 'QualityCare', aims to provide greater comfort and quality of life to patients and families during the palliative phase of cancer. 

We extend our gratitude to all the candidates, participants, supporters, and collaborators who contributed to the success of this project. The hard work, dedication, and commitment demonstrated are proof that when everyone helps, we all win. 
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