12 January 2023

Development of AMF culture with

"Pergunta ao Engenheiro" is the new development dynamic of the AMF culture. This action aims to create proximity, reduce barriers, improve internal communication and bring all employees closer to AMF's strategy and objectives. 

The first session took place on January 12 and the topics covered were:
- Vacations
- Loss of talent 
- Labor flexibility 
- TOWORKFOR stores around the country 
- Reduction of the number of references 
- Strategy for TOWORKFOR clothing 
- Strategy TOWORKFOR vs. Private Label 
- Strategy for customer focus  
- Works / extension of offices 
- New injection machine 
The communication and direct connection between all the parts that integrate AMF, is fundamental for an effective and favorable operation. Thus, through dynamics like these, we open a new dimension in AMF's internal communication.
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