17 February 2023

Our advances on the road to Sustainability AMF takes up the 'GREEN PACT'

AMF Safety Shoes is taking increasingly solid steps towards sustainability. Even so, since we are aware of our responsibilities before society, we feel the need to formalize our efforts on the path to sustainability. 

24th of February will be the day that marks our green commitment with the Planet. Along more than 100 companies, AMF will be part of the signature’s ceremony held by APICCAPS and the Footwear Technology Centre.  

But what is the green pact? 

"In practical terms, companies that sign the Green Pact commit to work and contribute to the goals set by the United Nations and Europe, namely, achieving net-zero carbon emissions in 2050 and halving carbon emissions in 2030."
In practical terms, we agree to sign with APICCAPS and CTCP the Portuguese shoes green pact, as well as the entire footwear cluster. Being part of these pact, means that we are committed to identifying alternative actions, defining individual objectives and enveloping new solutions. Furthermore, the importance of supporting the future of a sustainable and highly competitive national footwear production is a key goal to reach a net zero carbon planet in 2050. 

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